To support the daunting task of cataloging every collectible ever made, hobbyDB is assembling an international panel of product category experts from across the collecting spectrum. In addition to providing hobbyDB with data and imagery from their own collections, advisors develop category taxonomy and ontology. The 73 advisors below have graciously volunteered to serve on hobbyDB’s Database Advisory Council.

Paul Aziz

Model Trains

Paul has been a passionate collector of antique British and German hand-made metal toys for almost 60 years. With a particular interest in Bassett-Lowke and Märklin toys, Paul has written several articles on this subject.

Gary Barnum

Hot Wheels

The famous HWC Gary is in charge of content on and the official HW Community. An avid Hot Wheels collector, he joined Mattel in 2003 from Paramount Pictures and Marvel Comics.

Frank Barrett

Porsche & Mercedes-Benz

Frank wrote a number of car books and was also the editor of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America The Star magazine for 25 years. In 1978 he founded Toad Hall Motorbooks, a specialized motor book retailer in 1978.

Mark Bergin


Mark is one of the world’s leading experts on antique toy robots and space toys. He has consulted for auctioneers including Sotheby’s and Morphy Auctions and is one of the top toy robot dealers in the world. He sells through his site

Peter Borrett


Peter has collected corkscrews since 2002. He now has one of the world’s premier collections with a strong focus on English patents and registered designs. Peter’s collection is showcased at his site, Corkscrews Online.

Dave Bracken

Model Trains

Current Hon. Sec. of the Model Railway Society of Ireland, Dave’s collection covers kits and ready to run and includes examples of all known Irish railway models produced by Lima, Murphy models and many others.

Klaus Brandhorst

Video Games

Klaus is the founder of Hugada, or Huge Game Database, listing over 60,000 video games. He has been collecting and playing with home video game systems since the days of the Commodore 16.

Matthias Braun

Diecast Cars

Matthias has a collection of 40,000 Diecast Models, was formerly eCommerce Director at Audi, is now the General Secretary of the Automobile Club von Deutschland and has written 14 books on cars and model cars.

Jackie Britton

Construction Toys

Jackie has a vast knowledge of architectural construction toys and shares her enthusiasm on her website at

Tim Bruckner

Design & Sculpting

Tim has been sculpting for more than 40 years, including working for DC Comics, Kenner, Hasbro and Toybiz.

Peter Brunner

Diecast Cars

Peter has worked in the toy business for over 20 years with companies like Herpa and Schuco, where he served as Managing Director. He founded the Premium ClassiXXs brand and produced models under the BUB brand

Norman Cary

Toy Soldiers

Norman M. Cary Jr is the author of the Guide to US Army Museums and Historic Sites and a list of standard related terminology for historical properties. He has a vast collection of US toy soldiers.

Ed Catto

Action Figures

As a self-styled “retropreneur”, Ed revives old toy and entertainment brands. Most recently, Ed’s shepherded the rebirth of Captain Action, the original super-hero action figure in comics, collectibles and even a national toy line.

Phil Chapman

Tinplate Toys

Phil AKA The Toy Hunter is researching tinplate toy companies, particular from Great Britain and is exhibiting his collection in the Liskeard Museum.

Jan Clevering


Hugely well-known amongst the collecting fraternity, Jan collects die cast cars and is an expert on real vehicles, having assembled a record list of over 12,000 vehicle manufacturers.

Todd Coopee


Todd is an expert on Kenner, publishes the Toytales blog and has written his first book on the Kenner Easy-Bake Ovens with a book on Kenner's history in the work.

Jim Cowen

Model Cars

Jim is the founder of Automodello, a company that produces high-end resin models that are based on rare, one-off vehicles or versions of a car built for a specific event or purpose

Ron Crawford

Model Aircraft

An avid model plane collector, Ron Crawford also produces the 1/200 scale HBM 200 model planes in white metal

Philippe de Lespinay

Slot Cars

A collector of vintage slot cars, diecast and tinplate auto toys for the past 40 years, Philippe is currently the curator of the LA Slot Car Museum, a private museum dedicated to preserving larger-scale US-made slot cars.

Jacques de Selliers


Jacques is the curator of the Clockarium, a museum of over 1,000 art deco mantel clocks in Brussels, Belgium. He is also the author of a bilingual Visitor’s Guide to the museum.

Patrick Despature

Tin Plate Aircraft

Patrick is the author of “Antique Toy Airplanes 1910-1960” which showcases his stunning collection of tinplate model airplane, on which he is one of the world’s leading experts

Jacques Dujardin

Diecast Cars

An avid collector and documentarian of Dinky Toys since 1952, Jacques is the author of the most comprehensive Dinky Encyclopedia on DVD.

Steve Engeman

Promo Model Cars

Steve has been collecting promo models for over 30 years and now has over 3,000 of them. He also has a wide variety of other automobilia, including brochures, images, salesman awards and much more.

Dionys “Seb” Eusebio

Model Kits

Seb has been a kit builder since the 1950’s, focusing mostly on 1/72 aircraft, with an encyclopedic knowledge of kit subjects. He is a contributing member to

Christian Falkensteiner

Diecast Cars

Christian is an avid collector of Matchbox 1-75 Series, and other small-scale brands, especially models of Citroens. He has worked on numerous Matchbox cataloging projects, including his own site.

Bob Finn

Toys & Puzzles

Finn has a long history as an executive in the toy industry, starting with Hasbro in 1976. In over a quarter century there, he saw the toy industry grow from dolls and cars board games into the digital age and beyond.

Jim Gallegos

Diecast Cars

Organizer of the Matchbox Gathering of Friends event, Jim was appointed the 2nd Matchbox Ambassador by Mattel. An expert in 1/64 scale models, he has a collection of about 165,000 model cars.

Jim Garbaczewski

Hot Wheels

Jim is the co-publisher of the Tomart Hot Wheels price guides, the new HW Newsletter Casting Guide (in partnership with hobbyDB) and is also the editor/publisher of the Hot Wheels Newsletter. He has tremendous first-had experience with the original Redlines since he’s been collecting Hot Wheels since the very first year they came out.

Wolfgang Gehrt

Diecast Cars

Wolfgang has collected Wiking 1/87 models, 1/43 diecast and all sorts of other old toys since 1978. In 1989, he started Goodies Old Toys, dealing in vintage diecast and selling all over the world.

Sergio Goldvarg

Model Cars

Based in Miami but originally from Argentina, Architect Sergio Goldvarg has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as owning the largest model car collection in the world. Together with his wife Marina, he also produced the Goldvarg range of white metal model American cars.

Andy Goodman

Diecast Cars

An internationally-recognized diecast collector and 1/64 expert with a background in diecast collecting and the automotive industry, Andy served as editor of a nationally-recognized US model journal and launched, putting him at the heart of diecast collecting.

Richard Gottlieb


Richard Gottlieb is a well-known toy industry commentator and CEO of Global Toy Experts. He also publishes Global Toy News, the industry resource for toy news, toy trends and analysis of the business of play and is frequently asked to speak at toy industry conferences.

Robert Graves

Hot Wheels

Rob is one of the co-founders of the South Texas Diecast Collectors Club, one of the most authoritative lists of Hot Wheels variants on the internet. An early fan of these cars, he collected many of them over the years and his interest was rekindindled when his son discovered them.

Pat Hammond

Model Trains

A historian and author of 11 books on model trains, Pat’s specialty is 00 scale British market trains. Best known for compiling Ramsay’s “British Model Trains Catalogue”, he has also written authoritatively on Tri-ang and Hornby Railways and edits the Train Collectors Society magazine.

Wolfgang Handl


Wolfgang Handl is a world-renowned collector and cataloger of Pez dispensers with a vast collection spanning the whole of production.

Allen Hickling

Toy Soldiers

Allen is an authority on toy forts and castles and is currently writing two books about them. He previously collected toy soldiers, starting at the age of 14 in 1948 and continuing until 1987 when he was given his first two toy forts. He now runs his own online museum and shop.

Greg Holland


Greg is the founder of, a database and forum for comics and has been an Overstreet Advisor since 2003. He also collated an analysis database for graded comic books with 6 million data points spanning 20 years.

John Houghton

Diecast Cars

John is the author of the “Definite Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 Series 1953 to 1969”.

Rafi Ilivitzky

Diecast Cars

Rafi is the author of the book “Israeli Die-Cast Model Cars” and an expert on Gamda, Cragstan, Sabra and other Israeli brands.

Mat Irvine

Models & VFX

A veteran of the media industry, Matt has worked on a wide variety of TV programs in numerous capacities, including VFX, producing and presenting. He regularly contributes to “Scale Model News” and has written books on kits, model making, Dr. Who and similar subjects.

Norman Joplin

Toy Soldiers

A lifelong Toy Soldier and Figure collector who has researched and written widely on the subject, Norman organizes the only specialist Old Toy Soldier and Figure show in Europe. He is currently the Editor of Old Toy Soldier Magazine and a partner in Old Toy Soldier Auctions.

Dov Kelemer

Custom Action Figures and Vinyl Art Toys

Kelemer of DKE Toys is action figure dealer, but also as a curator of custom and limited edition mashup figures including one-off mutations of familiar figures as well as limited edition resin figures.

Manfred Klaghofer

Magic Sets

Manfred started out as an amateur magician and began to collect magic sets in the mid 1990s. He now has the biggest collection in the world with over 2,500 sets spanning three centuries and owns the Zauberkastenmuseum magic set museum.

Michael Knab


Michael founded his own advertising agency in 1980 which grew to serve a broad range of notable companies, like Revell Monogram. Along with Jay Olins of the D4C, he was instrumental in developing an online community for diecast scale model collectors through the Diecast Zone.

John Lambert

Matchbox Vehicles

John is one of the founders of the Lamley Group, a popular blog about diecast models, specifically newer Mattel-era Matchbox vehicles. He was named the eighth Matchbox Ambassador, serving in 2013.

Allen Levy

Model Trains

Allen owns ACE Trains and New Cavendish Books, where he has produced books on many collectible subjects. He has an excellent understanding of numerous areas of toy and model collecting.

Charlie Mack

Diecast Cars

One of the preeminent Matchbox authorities in the world and the author of several books, Charlie founded Matchbox USA in 1977. He runs the Matchbox and Lesney Toy Museum in Durham, CT which has over 30,000 Matchbox Toys.

Dean Milano

Model Kits

A car lover since childhood, Dean has a collection of over 2,000 vintage model cars (many having been featured in Collectible Automobile magazine) and operated his own toy museum.

Robert Molta

Slot Cars

An expert on HO scale slot cars, Robert maintains a collection of over 8,000 different examples.

Robert Newson

Diecast Cars

Robert has written extensively on minor British and American diecast manufacturers like River Series, Rollee, Lincoln and Tootsietoys. He has also authored books on Budgie and Benbros.

Matt Oldweiler

Garbage Pail Kids

Matt is one of the foremost experts and collectors of Garbage Pail Kids items. He has collected them since they debuted in 1985.

André Raemdonck


Owner of the Brussels Toy Museum, André started off collecting model trains then moved on to mechanical toys, teddy bears and paper theaters. He now has one of the most comprehensive collections in Europe. He also has an interest in wooden

Paolo Rampini

Diecast Model Cars

Paolo Rampini is an Italian author and publisher of books on cars and vintage toys who has been writing about automobiles since 1965. He became an author and editor of collectible toys and models in 1982.

Allen Richardson

Kidrobot Vinyl Art Toys

Allen is VP of Product and Marketing for Kidrobot as well as an avid collector of action figures and original art from comic books He has worked for various toy and game companies throughout his career.

Neil Scallan

Monopoly Games

Neil is a collector of different editions of Monopoly games, and is the current world record holder for the most versions in one collection



Soupie is an active collector and documenter of mono-colored mini-figure toys. He currently researches and documents both Japanese and Western mono-colored mini-figures on his blog.

Ulrich Schweizer

Tin Plate Toys

Ulrich Schweizer is the author of numerous books about Schuco and other German tin toy manufacturers. He also buys and sells toys via his website

Jerry Slocum


Jerry has a collection of over 30,000 puzzles, which he houses in a puzzle museum near Beverly Hills, California.

William Taylor

Automotive Literature

William is one of the founders of Auto-Archives, a library of periodicals, books, manuals, and other automotive publications.

Richard Thelen

Wooden Toys

Richard collects vintage wooden toys with an extensive collection of wooden vehicles. He has mounted several exhibitions, has designed a toy photo book and is currently documenting his collection in its entirety.

Richard Topelen


Hooked on LEGO since receiving his first package at the age of 5, Richard has run his own LEGO website since 2003 with a particular emphasis on vintage LEGO and its history.

John Tunstill

Toy Soldiers

John publishes “Miniature Warfare and Wargaming Magazine”, manages the Tradition Militaria Shop in London and owns the Soldier Shop in Lambeth. He also makes Soldier’s Soldier, a range of 54mm figures and wrote “Discovering Wargames” and “The World of Model Soldiers”.

Ben van Roode

Diecast Cars

Ben van Roode is a lifelong diecast car collector and author of automotive and collectible articles and books, including time spent with Model Auto Review (MAR). In 2004, van Roode wrote a book entitled Big Boys Don't Play with Dinky Toys, a celebration of 40 years of the Netherlands Association of Model Auto Collectors, or NAMAC.

Steve Volk

Shelby Vehicles

Steve Volk is the president of the Shelby American Collection, a museum of everything related to Shelby automobiles located in Boulder, Colorado. The collection, a project Volk worked on closely with the man himself, Carroll Shelby, began in 1966 to preserve the car's storied history in racing

Botho Wagner

Model Trains

Botho has written many books on collectible and toy subjects, including Märklin, Coca-Cola, tin toys and (co-authored with his wife Alice) Kaethe Kruse Dolls, on which Alice is an expert herself. He also has a noted collection of tin toys, including rarities by Bing and Märklin.

Arthur Ward

Airfix Models

Arthur became fascinated with Airfix model airplanes when he was a child growing up in England. He has written numerous books about Airfix models as well as other military collectibles and TV and film toys.

Geoffrey George Weiner

Hood Ornaments & Pedal Cars

Geoffrey has a leading collection of Lalique Car Mascots, has written a book on the subject and in the past has a significant collection of pedal cars about which he also wrote two books.

Matt Whisenant


Matt is a passionate collector of all things commercial aviation and is dedicated to preserving the artifacts and personal stories related to it

Bruce Whitehill


Bruce is considered to be the leading historian of American games and has written two books on the subject. He has a collection of around 800 games (he sold 6,000 more to a French archive). He owns the world’s largest collection of US advertising games and premiums.

Michael Wiertelorz

Diecast Cars

Michael Wiertelorz began collecting model Ferrari cars in 1998 and joined the FMC (Ferrari Model Club) in 1990. Since then his collection has grown to include more than 5,700 models.

Anne Williams


Anne is a historian of American jigsaw puzzles, the author of several books on the subject and has served as curator for major museum puzzle exhibitions.

David Wright

Diecast Car Models

David is an avid collector of 1/43 scale models of British sports cars and has written three collectors guides on the subject.

Chang Yang Fa

Tin Plate Toys

Chang Yang Fa’s MINT Museum can still only show a small amount of his 100,000 item collection at a time! Most of his toys are mint and boxed, inspiring the museum’s name – “Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys”.

In memoriam

Sadly, some of our Advisors are no longer with us. The hobbyDB team fondly remembers Geoffrey, GR, Marcel, Peter and Steve and their many contributions to the site.

Steve Arlin

Western Toys

A collector for over 25 years, Steve has one of the world’s largest collections of toy guns and holster sets. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is an advanced collector of ray guns as well.

Geoffrey Ambridge

Lone Star

Having followed his father to work at DCMT, parent company of Lone Star, Geoffrey is an expert on both. He has written two books, “Toys That Time Forgot” and “The Bumper Book of Lone Star Diecast Models and Toys 1948-88”.

John Beugels

Diecast Airplanes

John Beugels has been collecting pre-war Dinky Toys for almost 30 years, mainly planes and boxes. He contributed to the recent “Dinky Toy Aircraft” book by GR Webster and has written articles on Dinky aircraft for the DTCA Journal.

Peter Golden

Diecast Cars

The late Peter Golden was an expert on Dinky Toys, especially figures and accessories but also on general Modelled Miniatures and Dinky Toys from the UK factory from 1931 up till around 1964. Additionally, he was the technical officer of the Dinky Toys Collectors Association (DTCA) and was responsible for the DTCA Website.

Marcel Van Cleemput

Diecast Cars

Marcel joined the Mettoy Company in 1954. He was soon promoted to Chief Designer and was directly involved in every single Corgi Model produced till the company went into administration in 1983. He wrote “The great book of Corgi 1956 – 1983” and “The new great book of Corgi 1956 – 2010”.

GR Webster

Model Aircraft

A highly-decorated Vietnam era pilot, Geoffrey R Webster, known as GR, built one of the world’s best collections of model aircraft. He founded The Miniature Aircraft Quarterly magazine and club for model aircraft collectors and the Miniature Aircraft Collectors forum. He also authored numerous books on model aircraft.