Sometimes Estimated Values change even if nothing else has changed

We use 8 different time bands such as 7 Days, 30 Days etc as that helps with showing trends.  More recent bands have a higher weight than later ones, i.e. a $50 Price Point 4 days ago contributes more to the calculation than a $40 40 days ago.

Sometimes when a single higher price in an earlier band moves to the next band (like in this example when the Price Point is turning 8 days old) the 7 Day band will be empty and the price will drop by around $0.10.  If the Estimated Value was at say $10.52 today it would have displayed at $11 as we are rounding.  In two days it would be at $10.42 and we would round down to $10 and show a 9% decline.

Sometimes we do not have all Price Points

We might be missing an eBay or hobbyDB Price Point (there are certain Price Points like Mercari sales that we do not add, we explain the reasons here).  This could have one of four reasons  -

  1. The Price Point has not been yet added. eBay prices get manually applied by the valiant members of the Price Squad (we always welcome new members, more here!).

  2. The Price Point was rejected automatically.  We maintain a list of sellers that Squad members decided we should not include (you can find the list here).

  3. The Price Point was rejected by a Price Squad member immediately before being added. Price Points get rejected for various reasons (the condition is not Near Mint, the item has no packaging, it is a lot, we believe the transaction did not happen or the item is not genuine).

  4.  The Price Point had been added but was then flagged by a member and a Champion or above decided that the Price Point should be removed for one of the reasons mentioned under Point 4 above.

We plan to later also display rejected Price Points and apologize that we cannot really discuss individual Price Points with non-Squad members.  That being said if you care and want to help we love to have you on board and have a group where a few hundred members discuss the exciting in and outs on what constitutes a valid Price Point!  More here.

You believe a Price Point is not valid?

Flag it!  Here more information.