Every user can flag bad data (Database Items, Price Points or Subjects).  Look out for the red flag button or the red flag icon  -

Please give us as much information as possible (say the URL for the duplicated Database Item, why a Price Point should be removed, or exactly what image should be removed).

Flags will be reviewed by the hobbyDB team and then assigned to a user that is a Curator or higher and has domain expertise in the relevant collectible segment.  That Squad Member will then resolve the issue. 

In November 2020 we have started recording stats and here are the Stats as of April 18th -

Resolved Flags                                                    2,431

Assigned to a Squad Member for fixing                  190

At the moment we do not yet have automatic tools to inform you if Flags raised by you have been resolved  - but this is in the works.  For now please be patient with the Volunteer Squad.