When joining the Squad, the first step is to become a Contributor! This is what we consider the first step to making the database bigger and better, so we ask every Squad member to start here to get to know the hobbyDB tools a bit before moving on to actually adding items! 

Here are your 3 Simple Steps to get started when you are new to the Squad

  1. Add Price Points such as Auction House prices, eBay prices, Retail Prices, Price Guide prices, or what we call User Generated Values. Learn about all of our price points here.

  2. Add UPCs to Database Items - Find out how here.

  3. Add images to Database Item pages or Subjects that are missing them. Here's your guide on everything images.

We suggest to try all of your new powers and see which one is best for what you collect! And once you start feeling comfortable, the next step would be to move on to the Creator Role!