This list is documenting currently known bugs (not features, you can find planned features here).  First for all users, and further down a list that only impacts Contributors, Curators and Champions as well as Store Owners.

General Bugs  -

  • Username with Aprostophes breaks the Showcase.  We will disallow using this character for usernames.  If you experience this issue contact us and we can change your Username.

  • Items that are Subvariants are not always showing on Related Subjects pages (for example a SDDC 2015  Pop that is a sticker variant might not show on the SDCC 2015 Subject page. We will fix this in December.

Bugs that only impact Contributors, Curators or Champions  -

  • The Subvariant button in the front-end does not always work (please use the subvariant feature on the Manage Database page as a work-around).

  • Cannot make more than 10 Database Entries into Subvariants.

For Sellers

  • Shipping Groups display overlaps on mobile screens

For Store Owners

  • The 3rd level category in stores times out when you have more than 100 categories.

We strive to fix these issues as soon as we can.  Please report bugs that are not yet on this list.