Verifying items is another way curators can help build trust in the data they add and maintain. If you're at least a Curator on the database, check out the video below to learn how to get started verifying:

A step-by-step guide to verifying database entries on hobbyDB: 

  1. Log on to your account
  2. Use pull-down menu and go to “CURATOR DASHBOARD”
  3. Look at the top left and click on “MANAGE DB ENTRY”
  4. Jumps to DATABASE ITEM page
  5. Look to the right side under the FILTER section
  6. Type in name of the item that you curate and want to verify under the SEARCH ALL DATABASE ITEMS
  7. Scroll down and find the VERIFIED field
  8. Set verified to NO (this sets filter system to find all items that you to search that have NOT been verified yet.)
  9. Scroll the bottom on the right side and click the blue button FILTER.
  10. The page will automatically refresh and show you all your chosen items that have NOT been verified.
  11. Select any item on that list you want to verify, click on the link of the item. (New tab will be opened and show you the item as currently listed in the database)
  12. Now begin verifying as much information as possible for the item (go section by section.
  13. Start by verifying the TITLE and DESCRIPTION
  14. Look on the left side and verify anything you can in the PRODUCTION DETAILS
  15. Scroll down and verify all that you can in the CHARACTERISTICS area
  16. Scroll and verify or add any RELATED SUBJECTS
  17. Most information on the left side can be updated and verified by you as a curator.
  18. Notice the METADATA section on the left
  19. Scroll until you get to the ACTION blue buttons.
  20. Click on the blue button VERIFY (Page will refresh and scroll back to top)
  21. Look for the green box at the top with the words DATABASE ITEM VERIFIED
  22. Double-check by scrolling back to the METADATA area on the left side, confirm that is will now show your name and date as being verified.
  23. Now return to your DATABASE SEARCH page with all the “none verified”  items you have selected, and repeat the process.