A quick note: the following information pertains to users with at least Contributor access. If you're interested in getting involved, and with to contribute to the hobbyDB database, check out our article on different ways to get involved. We'd love to have you onboard!

Adding a corkscrew to the hobbyDB database requires standard information that all items have, along with a set of specific details that only pertain to corkscrews. This allows the database to be general enough to be uniform, while still offering unrivaled detail for the benefit of specific collectors. Below are the details we take into account at hobbyDB in order to add a corkscrew to the database. 

  1. Name - this is the official name of the item. For corkscrews, this may also be the name it is best know by in the community.

  2. Variant details summary - if the corkscrew you're adding is one of a few different variants, this is where you'd describe, in as few words as possible, what sets the corkscrew apart from its otherwise identical variants. Check out more details on variants.

  3. Production details - this section is where you can add details like brand, any logos or inscriptions, when the corkscrew was produced from/to (estimates are welcome), and its country of manufacture.

  4. Characteristics - this section contains detailed information about the item itself like the material(s) its made out of, what color it is, if its a part of a multitool, etc. Here are a few characteristics that are important to consider:
    A) Type: is it a bar screw? Finger Pull? Mechanical? Choose the type that best fits here.
    B) Worm Type: on hobbyDB we recognize 7 different worm types...

    C) Worm curl #: this is the number of turns of "curls" the worm has.

  5. Dimensions - here, not as many dimensions of the corkscrew as possible. You may also change the units of measurement for the most accurate information.
    Note: the "Length (extended)" section only applies to mechanical corkscrews with the worm fully extended.

  6. Related Subjects - this is a very important section that underpins the interconnections between items of the same or different types. For more details on the importance of related subjects, and hobbyDB's philosophy, check out this article for more details.

  7. Description - this is where you can actually describe the item. Keep the description to a few short paragraphs at most, and use that space to describe any interesting facts or attributes that make the corkscrew special. Please avoid value statements like, "... greatest corkscrew ever made" and stick to objective descriptions instead.

Once you're done adding all of the applicable information, you'll be prompted to either "Save and View Item" or "Save & Add Photos". If at all possible, please select "Save & Add Photos", upload as many photos of the item as you can. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team and let us know! For more information on adding items to the database, take a look at our articles on all things contributing.

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