With the hobbyDB Shopify app, inventory can be synced and managed directly from the app in Shopify, making it easy to expand the reach of each sales listing by tapping into the hobbyDB marketplace ecosystem. Here's how managing products and inventory works on the app... 

Managing Inventory

Click Manage Products. 

This will take you to your list of products. 

Here you can:

  1. Individually, or bulk set the quantity of each product you wish to list on hobbyDB

  2. Individually, or bulk set the price you wish to sell the product for on hobbyDB
        Note: bulk setting the price of items on the hobbyDB app can be done as a raw dollar amount, or as a percentage of your Shopify store price.

  3. Individually, or bulk sync/un-sync items to the hobbyDB marketplace

  4. Select the shipping group you wish to use for the product. Click here to learn how to create and manage shipping groups. 

  5. Set a custom title for the product listing on hobbyDB

Bulk Actions

The hobbyDB Shopify app allows you to bulk edit the quantity, price, and synced status of your products. To find your bulk actions, scroll to the bottom of your hobbyDB Shopify app product page.

Bulk Editing Quantity

Once you've searched or filtered for what you wish to bulk edit, click "Bulk Edit Quantity" and either set the max quantity or the exact value, and save...

Bulk Editing Price

Once you've searched or filtered for what you wish to bulk edit, click "Bulk Edit Price" and set the price of your products as either your current Shopify price, a new raw price, or a new price as either a percentage or dollar amount more than your Shopify price...

Bulk Sync

Once you've searched or filtered for what you wish to bulk edit, click the "Sync All to hobbyDB" slider, then click "Save All"... 

Note: All bulk actions taken in the hobbyDB Shopify app are done on a page by page basis. So if, for example, you want to bulk set the price of your 2-pages worth of Funko Pop!s, you'll have to bulk set the price for each of the 2 pages. 

Individual Sales Settings

You will also be able to see the quantity of each product you have in your Shopify inventory and the price set in your Shopify inventory. These are listed in the “Quantity” and “Price” columns respectively. 

To set the price you wish to sell the product for on hobbyDB, go to the “hDB Price” column, click into the textbox for the product and enter the price you wish to list the item for. Note that you cannot yet set hobbyDB discounts on items via the app. However, you can do this via the hobbyDB Seller Dashboard and these will then be reflected in the prices you see in your app.

If you have a Default shipping group set, the app will choose these costs automatically. To change this, click the X and select a new group from the dropdown. Once an item is listed, you can also alter the shipping costs for that individual item on hobbyDB itself if you wish to set shipping costs which are not saved under one of your shipping groups. If you do this, the item record in your hobbyDB Shopify App will display the message “Custom hobbyDB Shipping” like this:

To set a custom title, click into the textbox under “hDB info” and enter your title. Custom titles are optional and for your convenience, the app will automatically set the custom title to match the name of the product you have set in Shopify.

Syncing to hobbyDB

As a default, the hobbyDB Shopify application will automatically pull in items listed in your Shopify store, and match the price, quantity, and name of those items. If you don't wish to change any of that information, you can quickly sync everything you wish to populate on the hobbyDB marketplace. 

If you've made changes to the quantities, prices, etcetera, you can sync it to hobbyDB. Click the “Sync to hobbyDB” slider to set it to “Yes” and turn it green, then click the “Save” button. Your product will now be listed for sale on hobbyDB. If you wish to make any changes to the listing, just make your desired edits then sync again. 

A useful setting is to hide those items from the hobbyDB Shopify app that have a quantity of "0" in your Shopify store. This way, only those actually eligible to be sold are populated in the app, making it easier for you to navigate to and sync your in-stock items. Simply check the box that says "Hide Zero Quantity Products". 

If you wish to remove the product entirely from hobbyDB, just click the slider to set it to “No” and click the “Save” button again.