One thing that we know all shop owners appreciate, is the ability to drive more buyers to their storefronts. So, to help drive more traffic to your storefront, we've created a Shopify App integration that gives you access to millions of potential new buyers across the network of collectible websites we manage. 

The hobbyDB Shopify app offers sellers all the upside of the hobbyDB marketplace ecosystem without the headache of managing multiple platforms. With just a few clicks, Shopify sellers can plug their store inventory into the fastest growing collectibles marketplace on the web. All you have to do is sync your items into the hobbyDB Shopify App, and then our system will create links to your product pages in our marketplace. Your product pages on hobbyDB will link directly to your Shopify Storefront and will look like so - 

Without ever having to leave the Shopify seller environment, the hobbyDB Shopify App empowers sellers to... 

  1. Set and adjust hobbyDB shipping costs & shipping groups

  2. Set and adjust the quantities of products listed on hobbyDB

  3. Set and adjust the prices of products listed on hobbyDB

  4. Set and adjust the shipping costs of products listed on hobbyDB

  5. Set and adjust custom titles for listings on hobbyDB

This service is a subscription service. Sellers can ask for a one month risk-free trial so that the only cost spent is the ten minutes in setting it up! After your trial, if you are happy with your experience (which we know you will be!), we will establish a customized subscription rate based on overall traffic sent to their storefronts. Interested in learning more? Just hit that little contact us button and let us know!