Your hobbyDB Showcase is the public-facing, customizable representation of you as a collector on hobbyDB. Other collectors can view your Showcase to learn more about you, take a look at your amazing collection, what you have on the (ever-growing) Wish List, and check out how you're involved with hobbyDB and its mission to build the largest collectibles database in the world. 

Showcase Example

  1. Change the look and feel of your Showcase by clicking the edit buttons in the corners of your Showcase. Your avatar image is on the left side of your showcase above your collector stats, while your banner image is the nice background image for the header of your showcase. 
  2. Feature/un-feature items in your collection using the small settings cog in the corner of each collectible photo. Featured items will be shown first and be noted by the small star in the upper-right of each collectible's picture.
    Pro Tip: you can also click on each of your items from the view to edit details about them, and list/un-list them for sale or trade.

To manage other, more detailed information about your collection (and what appears on your Showcase), our Collection Management toolkit is where you'll want to do that. Here are some more details!

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