First things first, using the Curator pricing tool requires you're accepted as a Curator on the hobbyDB platform. Second, please send us a message requesting access to the pricing tool, and we can schedule a training call to get you all set up!


hobbyDB has developed a special tool to match completed sales from across a variety of e-commerce platforms with collectible database items. This allows for hobbyDB to show changes in purchase price over time to offer a clearer picture of what a particular item is actually valued at by the aftermarket.

How it Works

Every day, hobbyDB receives sales data from across the internet in the form of "completed sales listings" (data about sales completed on those sites). These listings are accessed with the Curator Dashboard, which will show all of the listings relevant to the items you know best.

Poking Around

First you’ll need to log in to your hobbyDB account. If you don’t have a hobbyDB account, you'll have to create one prior to getting started. A hobbyDB liaison will need to give you some privileges and schedule a video call before you will have access to the pricing tool. Please see the top of the page for more details.

Once you’re set up and signed in hit the drop-down person icon next to the “Add to Database” button and select “Curator Dashboard” to get started.

This takes you to the curator dashboard, an area where you can choose which listings you would like to assign to specific items in the hobbyDB database! There are various Filters (1 in the screenshot below) available so you can search for specific characters, themes, and types as well as choosing what price and date range you would like to assign. 

You can see the listings you have filtered for one page at a time (2), or 30 per page. Once you have refined your search you can either take listings one page at a time using batch actions (3), or you can just use the “Take 100” button (4) to, you guessed it, take 100 listings to assign. Once you have some listings in your queue, click on “Assign Listings” (5). 

For a more detailed how-to guide, message your hobbyDB liaison and he or she can send some more documentation specific to your area of interest.

Also, be sure to check out all the ways you can get involved with hobbyDB!

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