Note: you must be a Contributor or above in order to add/edit a Variant Detail Summary.

When adding or editing an item in the database, it's important to include details that differentiate two or more variants of the same item. Enter the Variant Details Summary, which explains the difference between two or more similar items using the smallest amount of text possible. 

Variant Details Summaries can be added during the new item addition process or when editing an existing item... 

When Adding an Item

When adding to the database, you will always be confronted with adding a Variant Details summary. This helps identify an item that is similar to other items (perhaps in the same series or simply a different packaging variation), making the site more user-friendly for all. Here's how it looks: 

  1. If you are a Contributor or above, click the "Add to Database" button on
  2. From there, select the proper item type that corresponds with what you're adding. 
  3. The Variant Details Summary will always be part of the "Item Name" section at the very top. Include the distinguishing factor or factors that make this variant of the item you're adding different from the others like it.
    In this example, we're adding a Hard Rock Cafe pin with two variants, one that says "Hard Rock" and another that says "Hard Rock Cafe" on the pin...
  4. Complete the rest of the item addition process and list the item. 

When Editing an Item

If you've just added an item that is part of the same group of items, or come across an item that requires some differentiation, editing an item to add the Variant Details Summary is the way to go. Here's how: 

  1. You come across two items that look almost identical, save for a few differences, a perfect scenario for adding a Variant Details Summary, making the database easier to navigate for everyone!
    In this example, we've come across two of the exact same Hot Wheels, save for the card graphics...
  2. Select the item you wish to add a Variant Details summary to, then click the "Edit" button under "Actions". You'll be taken to this page...
  3. Enter what makes this particular variant different from the others in as few words as possible.
    In this example "International Card/Blue Car Card", which is to say, this item is on an international card and the graphics on the card show a blue car. 
  4. Save your changes, and here is the final result:

Check out our specific step-by-step addition guides for more details on adding specific item types...

Hot Wheels

Hard Rock Pins

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