First things first, to add to the database, you first need to be a HRC Pin Contributor (more about this here). We require these steps in order to achieve a level of data accuracy our users know and love. 

1. Check if we do not have this pin

First, search for your pin to double-check it isn't already in the database. We don't want any duplicates!

2. Create a new Database Item

There are four ways of adding a new item, here is an overview.

3. Fill out the form

Now, Fill out the form with as much information about the pin as you can. The more detail provided will lead to better search results. Here are the Hard Rock Pin standards for each section:

Item Name

Name - this is the name of the pin which is sometimes listed on the pricing label, and other times determined based on the pin series.

RULE 1.  Do not include the City, Year or the words Pin, Series, or Regional in the name or anything else that is in the actual fields of the entry. These fields are always displayed in Pin Database searches and listings. If you add this info to the name it just gets displayed twice

RULE 2.  Clone pins.  A clone is an exact replica of a pin with only a different city name.  When a clone pin is entered into the database please add (Clone) at the end of the pin name.  Clone Example:  St Patrick’s Day (Clone), All Is One Guitar (Clone).  Please do not confuse the term “Clone” which also means duplicating a pin entry in the database.

Variant details summary 

This details the differences between this pin and another identical pin with minor differences (i.e. base metal, color variation, back print type, etc.)

Production Details

Brand. This field should always be “Hard Rock International”

Manufacturer.  Older style pins have the pin manufacturer printed on the back of the pin. Current pin releases do not print manufacturers on the back. This field should only be filled out if you are 100% certain and told by a Hard Rock staff member or a production order names the manufacturer.

Series. Official series names for new releases can be found on the hobbyDB Hard Rock database new page. Series names should not be randomly made up and only official series names used.

Production Status -

  • Standard - a core pin with unlimited production quantities
  • Limited Edition - manufactured in limited quantities.  Sometimes production quantity is printed on the back of the pin
  • Exclusive - a pin that has not been sold to the public but instead given out to a partner or other person affiliated or not affiliated with Hard Rock International.
  • Staff Only - a pin awarded to a Hard Rock staff member
  • Prototype - a pre-production or sample pin made in advance of the full production run for testing or quality purposes

Produced.  The year that the pin was released for sale or distributed via other means; sometimes the year is printed on the pin to commemorate a special event in time

# Produced.  This is the production quantity printed on the rear of the pin.  Leave blank if it is not printed on the back of the pin.

Ratio. Often found in blind packaging pin series to define the production quantity ratio to the overall number of produced pins

Made in.  The country where the pin was manufactured; often printed on the back of the pin

Ref #. The Pin Number from the original Hard Rock Pin database; should not be used for pins that were never in the old database


Materials.  Pins will always default to “Metal”; other materials that are known to have been used are Gold, Sterling Silver, PVC/Vinyl.  Pins with PVC embellishments should select Metal, as well as PVC

Color.  Choose up to 15 paint colors featured on the pin

Shape.  Almost all pins should be listed as irregular

Type.  Always choose “Company” for a Hard Rock pin

Attaches by.  Almost all modern-day pins are “Tack” style

Elements.  Choose all items that are featured in the artwork of the pin

Inscriptions. Enter any text that is printed/shown on the front of the pin (i.e. Love All Serve All, etc.)


Height. Measure the tallest point of the pin from top to bottom

Width/Diameter.  Measure the widest point of the pin from side to side

Related Subjects

Related Subjects - enter the official Hard Rock location where the pin was released; or can be Hard Rock Pin without Location, Hard Rock Online Exclusives.  Pins can have multiple subjects which can also include holidays and events

Item Description

Description - Every pin must have a description.  Describe the pin in detail.  Be as detailed as possible.  If you can research buildings etc. that appear on the pin, add that information to the description.  Other key information that should be included in the pin description should be: Paint Style (current pins are either painted or unpainted), number of print lines on the back of the pin, back pattern style, distribution, and base metal color.  Also, include the retail price of the pin and release date if known at the end of the description.

In regards to paint style, Pin manufacturers such as PINCRAFT, Pin USA and Gift Creations made pins in the "Cloisonne" style until the year 2000. Since the year 2000, Gift Creations, Pin USA and PINCRAFT have not used the Cloisonne process. All pins have been either "Painted" or "Painted with Clear Epoxy" as the base paint styles.  Most all pins currently are either painted or unpainted.


At least one Pin image must be present.  It is recommended to include multiple images featuring the front and back of the pin.

RULE 1.  Should be a clear scan, photo, or artwork.  White background is preferred but will accept other backgrounds until a better picture can be found. 

RULE 2.  Primary pin photos should be of the front of the pin.  Secondary images can include the back of pins as well as the backing card and any other special packaging.