Once you've gotten to know the hobbyDB system a bit by either adding a bunch of Price Points, or new UPCs it is time to decide if you would like to also add or edit both Database Items and Subjects to hobbyDB!  


We are particularly keen to welcome more Contributors for segments where we have sparse data (so Decoys or Steiff Teddy Bears versus say Hard Rock Cafe pins or Funko POPs.

Here are your 5 Simple Steps to get started when you are a new Contributor!

We suggest to try all of your new powers and see which one is best for what you collect  -

  1. Read the Database Items Conventions

  2. Educate yourself if there is specific guidance for your area of interest (you will find that here)

  3. Adding a Database Item, Variant or Subvariant (or all of those!)

  4. Adding a Subject (please study the Subject Guidelines)

While this sounds a lot it is quite manageable with the Help pages short (and we do want you to get this right!).  We ask you to send your first 2 or 3 Database Items to us (using the green button here on the right) for some early feedback.  It is much better to coordinate early than to have to change many entries!