If you own a storefront there are a number of awesome features and tools to help you be as successful as possible as a seller on our site. Storefront tools help you gather subscribers, organize your sales listings, and manage your settings and brand, all in one place.

Note: If you do not currently have a storefront, check out our Creating a Storefront article for more details. 

Tools & Features

Marketstores allow sellers to link their social media accounts, collect subscriber info, and create categories  -


This is where storefront owners can select their shipping zone, add a personal website URL, social media links, storefront description, and create their storefront brand image. 


Categories can be used to organize your storefront inventory into easily browsable sections. In the screenshot below, you'll see categories have been created based on different movie and show franchises.

  1. Navigate from your seller dashboard to the Storefront dropdown and select "Categories"

  2. Once there, you can edit or delete any existing categories and create new ones using the "New Category" button in the top right of the page. To create subcategories, hover over the category and drag it from side to side to create a hierarchy.

  3. Once created, categories will appear on the left navigation section of your storefront home page.

  4. To add items to a specific category, simply click on the item you wish to categorize and begin typing the category into the "Categories" text box, then select the category you wish to assign it to.

  5. Done! Repeat that process for any other items you'd like to put into specific categories, or simply assign items to categories when you initially list them for sale

Collect & Manage Subscribers

With a storefront, buyers can subscribe and receive updates from you on a regular basis. As a storefront owner, you can view, edit and export your subscribers from the "Subscribers" page of the seller dashboard under the "Storefront" tab.