When an item is listed by a seller and then purchased by a buyer, both parties enter into a tacit agreement. Buyers are responsible for their share of the transaction and sellers for theirs. The responsibilities listed below help inform our buyer and seller protection policies. Here's the breakdown: 

What are buyers responsible for?

  • Reading the item listing in full -- item condition, packaging condition, cost of shipping, and any other applicable notes -- prior to purchasing. 
  • Completing the purchase accurately and without typos. Shipping address, email, and name, just to name a few, are the buyer's responsibility to fill out properly. 
  • Reception of the order given all of the seller's responsibilities below are met. 

What are sellers responsible for?

  • Accurately portraying the item sold -- item condition, packaging condition, photographs, accurate description, etc. -- in the sale listing. 
  • Shipping orders within 7 days of reception and uploading tracking to the seller dashboard. For pre-orders, this extends to accurate setting of expectations regarding ship date. 
  • Successfully fulfilling the order, which includes: secure packaging of the order, and safe delivery to the buyer's address without damage (including damage done while in transit).

The Grey Area

In instances where one party (buyer or seller) has held up their end of the bargain in full, and the other has not but still requests a resolution, we will defer to the responsible party. 

For example, if a buyer requests a return but the seller completed every one of their responsibilities by the book, we will defer to the seller as to whether they would like to accept the return. 

Our levying of decisions is based on where the responsibility of the issue lies. In instances where our policies are moot, we will work to mediate a resolution between the two parties and defer to the outcome.  

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