Very Good    



Obvious and significant damage; best used for parts
Noticeable damage, but still functional    
Damaged; flaws from wear and tear, but functional        
Some light damage; standard wear and tear; presentable
Near new with very little to no wear and tear    
Never opened; display-shelf quality; no damage

Where is condition applicable?

Our condition guidelines are applicable to two different aspects of an item

  1. The item 
  2. The item packaging (if applicable)

Item Condition

Sellers are required to select the "Condition" which refers to the item itself prior to listing an item for sale. It is also recommended that sellers fill out any applicable condition notes (i.e. "small scratch on the car's hood" or "large smudge on the figure's left arm"). The more detail the better. 

Packaging Condition

If the item still has its packaging, this too is to be rated on the Poor-Mint scale above. If the item is loose (no longer in its packaging) the seller can choose to check the "Mine doesn't have this" box. 

If you have any questions or concerns, shoot us a message and we'll help any way we can! 

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