hobbyDB is a growing universe of collectibles for those who need a light speed resource for encyclopedia-quality references, one-stop collection management, and a secure marketplace. 

Believe it or not, hobbyDB is supported by a dedicated task force that has special powers. Their help cleans incorrect information from the site, organizes the database for better browsing, adds pictures and descriptions so that every collector can easily spot differences between collectibles. Think you're up to the task at hand? Use your passion to make hobbyDB a super place for collectors. Become the first line of defense against bad data. There are three ways that you can get involved with the hobbyDB team!

Become a Contributor: Add cool things to the database Badge contributor 01

To ensure the database remains in tip top shape, not everyone is given the ability to add data right off the bat. Those who have the  add data to the database are known as "Contributors". 

Learn more about becoming a contributor and apply here: Contributor Overview

Become a Curator: Edit and patrol the database

These power users have the ability to not only add data to the database, but can also edit, delete and organize database entries. That's not to mention early access to all new hobbyDB features, and control over a specific subject or item group. Curators are the backbone of the hobbyDB database, so having that Curator title is a big deal. Becoming a Curator is a bit more involved than becoming a Contributor

Follow the link to find out more and to apply: Curator Overview

Become a Champion: Be the gatekeeper of hobbyDB data Champion Badge

hobbyDB Champions are experts in certain subjects who help “police” the site, hence their Sheriff Star type badge on their Showcases. We rely on their expertise in a particular area to help keep our site as correct, complete, and accurate as possible. Champions are at the top of the totem pole and are selected by invite only. 

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