What do you get when you combine our powerful inventory management tools plus the extensive reach of Facebook? Less stress and more sales! 

We know our sellers want the flexibility to list anywhere, especially Facebook. However, we understand how frustrating it can be listing an item onto multiple Facebook groups (especially when you have to start each one from scratch). And then over time, it's easy to lose track of the post and whether or not there was an interested buyer. This is why we decided it was time to build a hobbyDB Facebook integration. 

With our integration, now you can - 

  • Easily list an item for sale with the power of our database (saving you time) 
  • Post that link in as many Facebook groups as you'd like. 
  • If a buyer clicks through and makes a purchase, you'll get instant payment and confirmation that your item has sold. 
  • You can then use the hobbyDB inventory management system to let the buyer know that their item has shipped and provide tracking.

    As an added bonus - when the buyer clicks through your ad, they will be able to see all of your items listed for sale, giving you more exposure.

The integration generates a detailed preview of the item you have listed for sale, directly in your Facebook post. The preview will link directly to the sales listing for easy buyer checkout. Here's how it works... 

  1. Find the sale page for the item you wish to list on Facebook and copy the URL on hobbyDB, PPG or your Store.

  2. Paste the sales listing URL from hobbyDB into a Facebook post (on your personal Page, a Company Page or a Group).

  3. Wait for the preview of your sales listing to load.

  4. Once loaded, highlight the URL you've pasted, and replace it with whatever text you'd like to get collectors fired up to buy.

  5. Go ahead and post!