Here at hobbyDB we go above and beyond for our sellers to ensure you're satisfied with your selling experience. Here are just a few of the advantages to selling on a hobbyDB marketplace.

Low Cost

It's always free to list an item! That's right, no sale, no fee. Our fees, once an item sells, are set at 7% of the cost of the item you sell. On top of that, we will never charge more than $100, no matter how expensive the item sold. Nominal PayPal fees also apply (2.9% plus 30¢). 

Ease of Use 

Because our marketplaces are built on top of our huge database of collectibles, listing items for sale has never been easier! In just a few clicks you can have an item listed and posted for sale in a matter of seconds. Check out our How to list an item for sale article for more details. 

A+ Customer Service

We have lots of seller protections in place to ensure you're not the victim of fraud, ever. For everything else from payment, to buyer outreach, we've got you covered. Our customer service team works tirelessly to turn any negative experience into a positive. Need to break some bad news to a buyer? How about questions regarding a shipping issue? We're here for you. Simply email us at or click the green "Contact Us" button on the right side of our web pages. 

The Bells and Whistles

Along with the ease of listing items for sale, the low cost, and the customer support, as a hobbyDB user and seller, you're equipped with collection management tools, a wish list, an organized seller dashboard, and an elegant Facebook integration! These tools are free of charge, and help you organize your inventory, view what you've bought and sold, view what you wish to buy or sell, and set sales terms like shipping rates and regions. 

Be where Collectors are

We have partnered with an ever-growing number of collectibles website owners to add a Custom Database (with integrated selling) or a Custom Marketplace on their site, so their avid group of buyers and sellers can stay right at home while buying and selling their collectibles. So what does this mean for you, a seller? Well, whenever you list a Hot Wheel, for example, not only will it appear in our vast hobbyDB Marketplace, it will also appear for sale in every single Custom Database or Custom Marketplace where Hot Wheels appear. That's a lot of buyers!  Check out all the details here: Selling on our Custom Marketplaces

For all your hobbyDB Marketplace news, updates, and tips, check out to stay "in the know".

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