Payment Policy

Here at hobbyDB, we have a specific and unique payment policy that helps us protect both our buyers and sellers. When an order is placed, we collect money from the buyer and hold it in an escrow account. Sellers are not paid until the order is completed and the item(s) is confirmed as delivered via the tracking information provided by the seller.

If tracking information is not provided, we will rely on the confirmation from the buyer that the item(s) was received. Also note that without tracking information, many of hobbyDB's seller protections are not enforceable. Check out our seller protection article for more information on our protection policies. 

Please note, if a valid buyer return case is brought to our attention, hobbyDB reserves the right to withhold payment for the applicable order until the issue is fully resolved. 

When are sellers paid?

We pay our sellers every Wednesday afternoon for orders that were delivered within the pay cycle (Wednesday to Wednesday). Each order is checked to ensure the tracking information provided by the seller confirms the order was delivered to the address provided by the buyer. 

Trusted Sellers are paid when the order is updated with an active tracking number (must show movement). Check out our becoming a trusted seller article for more details on how to work toward Trusted Seller status. 

For orders marked as "Shipped Without Tracking", payments are made after 4-weeks for domestic shipments and 8-weeks for international shipments. For the fastest payment, we recommend shipping all order with tracking information and uploading that info to your seller dashboard.

hobbyDB fees

We've kept it simple...

  • 7% fee on the sale price (not including Shipping!). This is capped at $100 per transaction
  • The standard PayPal fee for the sale (2.9% plus $0.30)

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