We've seen thousands of orders completed on our platform. Below is what we recommend our sellers consider when fulfilling an order to create the best possible experience for all parties involved and to avoid refunds or returns.

Marketplace Basics

  • Ship the order within 5 business days. This creates an excellent experience for the buyer and prevents our customer service team from having to reach out to a seller regarding the status of the shipment.

  • Upload tracking information ASAP. Buyers love tracking info!

  • Package and ship with care. No one wants to receive a damaged item, and absolutely no one wants to have to return an item. So handle and package with care.

  • Whenever possible, use your own photos of an item for sale (especially when it isn't "Mint"). A picture is worth 1000 words. The stock photos of an item work, but your own photos go a long way towards a better, more secure purchasing experience for buyers and sellers. Remember clear expectations means no returns.

  • For sales over $750, ship orders with insurance and as "signature required". We will not be able to protect you against certain claims if high-value orders are not shipped with these extra safeguards.

Above & Beyond

Here's a short list of precautions we've seen sellers take when fulfilling orders that go beyond even "best-practices". These are optional, but can certainly go a long way towards a stellar experience for sellers and buyers alike.

  • Use a black light pen to mark the packaging. Although infrequent, the age-old "bait and switch" is always a possibility. If a seller marks their items with a black light pen prior to shipping, the bait and switch tactic is thwarted. Hooray!

  • Take photos of the item you're shipping and how it's packaged in the box. In the event a buyer claims the incorrect item arrived or arrived with severe damage, it's easier to contest with clear evidence. Disputes always go the way of the most evidence.

  • Shipping insurance. Although an added cost to the seller, shipping insurance ensures that anything that happens in transit can be recouped. This is highly suggested for pricier items.