Once you've navigated to your Seller Dashboard, you'll be shown the screen pictured below. Your seller admin can be broken up into 4 sections: Navigation, Seller Tools, Actionable Carts Feed, and Lifetime Stats. See more details below.

Section 1 - Navigation

The top navigation bar helps you as a seller navigate to all of the different major tools and views available to you in the admin portal. Here's a breakdown of each navigation link from left to right... 

  • Marketplace: takes you to the hobbyDB marketplace.
  • Dashboards: this is the view you're first met with when you navigate to the "Seller Dashboard" from the home page. This dropdown is also where you can navigate to the Buyer Dashboard. Click here for more details on the Buyer Dashboard.
  • Carts: shows all of the orders you are/were responsible for fulfilling as a seller. 
  • Listings: in this dropdown, you can choose to view your "Active Listings" or "Sold Listings". Active listings are those sales listings that are still live on the marketplace, while sold listings are those items you've sold, on which date, and for how much. 
  • Offers Received: as a seller, this is where you'll be able to view, and either accept or deny offers posed by buyers as part of our Best Offer option.
  • Feedback: view all of the feedback you've given or received as a seller. 
  • Messages: this is where you can send and receive internal messages done through the site. 
  • Help: offers navigation to help pages applicable to sellers. 
  • Store: if you are a store owner you'll see the "Store" navigation. This navigates you to your store page -- what buyers visiting your store see. 

NOTE: the navigation bar is partly dynamic, changing depending on which section you're in. For example, if you click "Buyer Dashboard" the options in the navigation bar will change to fit that section of the admin portal.

Section 2 - Seller Tools

In section 2 on the left side of the Seller Dashboard page you'll find a number of buttons that navigate to different seller tools where action can be taken or settings edited. 

  • Account: manage your shipping notes, away message, shipping country, shipping days, email notifications.
  • Coupons: manage Coupons for discounts.
  • Discounts: manage discounts for all of your active sales listings. 
  • Sell: click this button to start the process of listing an item for sale.
  • Shipping Costs: set your default shipping costs by state, country, and region. 
  • Shipping Zone Caps: manage the maximum shipping costs by zone. 
  • Store Settings: if you're a store owner, here is where you can manage your store description, branding, and more.
  • Store Categories: if you're a store owner, create and edit categories visible in your store here. 
  • Subscribers: another store owner feature, here is where you can manage those contacts that have subscribed to your store.

NOTE: the seller tools buttons change depending on whether you are a standard seller on hobbyDB or own a store. 

Section 3 - Actionable Carts Feed

This section in the upper-right of your Seller Dashboard will show all carts that require attention from you as a seller. You can take actions on those carts straight from the feed. If the feed is empty, great! You have no outstanding actions for any of your carts. 

Section 4 - Lifetime Stats

Appearing in the bottom-right of your Seller Dashboard, this section offers a high-level look at your activity as a seller on hobbyDB.

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