The hobbyDB database is possibly already the world's most extensive for collectibles. Our mission is to continue adding to the database until we get to 100 billion documented collectibles. The hobbyDB Collectibles Database is designed to be a flexible system which users can use to document any type of collectible. All items listed in the database are automatically interlinked by any facets they have in common (eg. their manufacturer or branding) and are listed on pages dedicated to these subjects. 

The best part, the information in the database will always remain free! As a team we had a vision for a free resource which documented everything, bringing together data on the most popular – and the most obscure and so far undocumented – collectibles ever made. 

In addition to our team, we rely on a select few users to help us reach that 1 billion recorded collectibles goal. Interested in helping add to the database? Click here to get started. 

The database is big, like really big, we have a few ways to find just what you're looking for: 

        Browsing the database

        Searching the database

We like awesome features. We think you will too. Follow the links below to find out more for each.


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