Thanks to our vast database, adding an item to your Wish List is a breeze.

There are two ways to do this...

  1. Quick-adding: from the database search results, find the item you want to add and click the blue button named "+ Wish List".
  2. Item Page: taking it a step further from the first option, if you select the item from the search results, you're taken to a detailed item page with all kinds of detailed information. Next to the photo there are a number of buttons, one of which is "Add to Wish List". Click that, and the item will be added!
    NOTE: when you're on the item page, underneath the "Add to Wish List" button you'll see the number of Wish Lists the item has been added to. The bigger the number, the quicker you'll have to be once you receive the notification that its available for sale. 

Check out the Basics: hobbyDB wish list for more details on using the Wish List to its full potential!

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