Once you've navigated to your Buyer Dashboard by using the profile button in the upper right side of the hobbyDB home page, you'll be shown the screen pictured below. 

The top navigation bar helps you as a buyer navigate to all of the different major tools and views available to you in the admin portal. Here's a breakdown of each navigation link from left to right... 

  • Marketplace: takes you to the hobbyDB marketplace.
  • Buyer Dashboard: this is the view you're first met with when you navigate to the "Buyer Dashboard" from the home page. 
  • Seller Dashboard: if you sell items as well as sell them on the marketplace, your orders and relevant sales information will be viewable there. Click here for more details.
  • My Orders: offers a view of all the orders you've placed, their current status, any available tracking information and more! This is also where you can leave feedback for sellers
  • Offers Sent: as a buyer, this is where you'll be able to view, and check-in on offers you've posed to sellers as part of our new Best Offer option.
  • Feedback: view all of the feedback you've received as a buyer. 
  • Messages: this is where you can send and receive internal messages done through the site. 

NOTE: the navigation bar is partly dynamic, changing depending on which section you're in. For example, if you click "Seller Dashboard" the options in the navigation bar will change to fit that section of the admin portal.

We like awesome features. We think you will too. Follow the links below to find out more for each.


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