There are three main ways to quickly list an item for sale on hobbyDB -- from the database, from your collection, and from the marketplace. 

From the Database

If you haven't built up your digital collection yet, or just want the freedom to list an item as for sale without having to organize it, follow these few quick steps: 

  1. Once you've found the item you wish to sell in the database, click the item name to go to the item page. 
  2. Once there, next to the photo, click the button farthest to the right named "Sell".
  3. Next, fill out as much information as possible about the item you're selling -- proper title, the quantity of items you have for sale, the selling format, price, item and packaging condition, and shipping zones (if you haven't already set up your default shipping info).
    Tip: check out our Seller best practices article for tips and tricks on selling your item quickly and without issue. 
  4. Down near the bottom you'll see an area to upload photos. Doing this greatly improves your chances of making a great sale.
  5. Once filled out, click "List for Sale", read the quick disclosure of our transaction terms, then click "Confirm".
  6. Once you've successfully listed the item for sale, you'll be taken to the listing page. Here you can edit the information you provided, or cancel the sale if you've made a mistake.

From your collection

Listing an item for sale from your collection is simply a faster, more streamlined way to move through the steps listed above in the previous section. 

  1. Find the item from your collection that you wish to sell. 
  2. Click on the title to navigate to the collectible's page. 
  3. Click the "Sell This" button In the header of the page.
  4. You'll be taken to the listing details page to fill out as much information about the item prior to listing. Any information you added to the item when it was added to your collection will auto-populate here.
    Tip: check out our Seller best practices article for tips and tricks on selling your item quickly and without issue.
  5. Click "List for Sale" and "Confirm". 

From the Marketplace

With our Free Form listing feature, putting items up for sale on the marketplace is still just a few clicks away! Click HERE for the details. 

Need to edit or delete one of your sales listings? Here you go: How to edit and remove a listed item

Check out our Selling FAQ for more helpful details about selling on the hobbyDB marketplace.


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